Installation & Repair

Supply and installation of new equipment


Deck fittings. We can supply and install all types of deck fittings including stainless steel fittings such as push pits, Boarding ladders, mast raising A frames, spray hoods and canopies,

Electrics. We have BMEA “British Marine Electrical Association” qualified technicians, and are able to re-fit, update or just extend your boats electrical systems. Batteries, Chargers, Inverters, Isolators, Switch panels, Heaters, Bilge pumps, Pressure pumps, Winches, Windlass, Cabin lighting, Navigation lights, etc.

Electronics. We supply and install electronic equipment such as VHF, GPS, AIS, Navigation Instruments, and integrated nemea 2000 systems.

Trailers. We can supply, service and repair trailers and launching trolleys. Bearings, hubs, drums, brakes, rollers, shafts, suspension units, axles, mud guards, wheels, tyres, hitches etc.

Rigging. We supply and fit running and standing rigging for all types of modern yachts, traditional boats and sailing dinghies.

Engines. We supply and install Honda outboard engines, Parts and accessories. We also supply and install diesel inboard engines.

General chandlery. We have a small chandlery on site.

Wood & GRP repairs

Servicing & Maintenance

Winter maintenance and servicing

Trailer service and maintenance

Outboard and inboard engine servicing

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Outboard Servicing Price List 2014

At Neil Thompson Boats Outboard services we undertake the following as part of your service. If you wish for any of the following to be excluded please call for a revised quote or see our full pricing at the bottom of this page.


Standard 2 Stroke Service;

  1. Grease all lubrication points.
  2. 2.Inspect thermostat and test operation
  3. Inspect, clean or replace spark plugs
  4. Check/remove fuel line, filter, water separator for contaminates, replace or clean.
  5. Check and test anodes .
  6. Check Recoil starter rope.
  7. Check water pump impeller and replace if worn.
  8. Check shear pin, propeller and lubricate splines on shaft.
  9. Drain and replace gearbox oil.
  10. Inspect electric start system.
  11. Check trim and tilt
  12. Test run outboard motor
  13. Adjust throttle and gear shift controls, synchronise carburettors if necessary. Additional work undertaken when the outboard is attached to the boat.
  14. Check dashboard gauges for readings.
  15. Check battery and Cable connectors
  16. Check steering.


Standard 4 Stroke Service;

  1. Grease all lubrication points.
  2. Change engine oil and replace filter.
  3. Inspect thermostat and test operation.
  4. Inspect, clean or rteplace spark plugs.
  5. Check/remove fuel line, filter, water separator for contaminates
  6. Check anodes
  7. Check recoil starter rope
  8. Check water pump impeller and replace if worn or torn.
  9. Check shear pin, propeller and lubricate spines on shaft
  10. Drain and replace gear box oil.
  11. Check and adjust valve clearance if necessary
  12. Inspect timing belt.
  13. Inspect electric start system
  14. Check trim and tilt motor
  15. Test run outboard motor
  16. Adjust throttle and gear shift controls and synchronise carburettors if necessary.
  17. Check dashboard gauges for readings.
  18. Check battery and cable connections.
  19. Check steering.


Pricing Schedule

Includes Oils, excludes parts;





For More information Please call: 01263 741172

 You will need to supply your fuel tank when bringing your engine in for service.

Cover repairs and sail valeting

Transport & Storage

Storage of boats and outboards

Don’t let your boat deteriorate during the harsh winter months.

Our Glandford yard is well-protected from the elements and all our boats
are regularly checked to ensure they are weather and water-tight
during their stay.

Transportation of boats UK and worldwide

Launch and recovery of all sailing vessels


On water assistance


Managed sale of your vessel

Marine re-spray

Marine re-spray

Super Yacht tender, Awlgrip paint with gold leaf cove linePrimer coat on Southerly 28

We are marine re-spray specialists, using only top quality products such as Awlgrip and International Perfection.

Painted finishes a far superior to a Gell coat Finnish.

Why not treat your boat to a superb deep lustre Awlgrip or International paint job, and stand out from the crowd.

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