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The Horizon is a boat with a long entwined history with Blakeney Harbour. These boats were used for several decades by the commercial mussel fishermen for several reasons:

  • They are stable, so shovelling a ton of mussel seed over the side was possible without worry of capsizing
  • They are light weight so could easily be pushed from the shore.
  • They are shallow draught which means they float in only a few inches of water, this allowed the fishermen to go out on the very last of the tide and safely return on the very first.
  • They have great manoeuvrability so are easy to handle and work along the creeks.

The Horizon is a great entry level boat and her easy handling suits those new to motor boats while the more experienced boatsman will appreciate the ability and handling such a light and stable boat gives, even on a blowy day out in the harbour.

The Horizon is powered with a Honda outboard engine and can be modified as required to be either tiller operated or remote steering. Both tiller and remote engines can come with electric start so that all you have to do is push a button and go.

The layout of the boat can be crafted to suit, with several options available from side bench seating or centre thwarts. Stowage can be built into the seating or built into the fore and aft buoyancy tanks. The boat is beamy and can easily be used for family day trips to the point with more than enough room for the dogs, picnic, beach games, fishing gear and windbreaks.

The boat is built from GRP and has the best quality rubber rubbing strakes and trim so that yearly maintenance hours and costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Prices start from £15,150.00


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