Pricing & Options for the Norfolk Urchin

Base price: £18,900

inclusive of VAT at 20%

Standard Specification

All Norfolk Urchins come with the following:

  • Sturdy simulated clinker glass fibre hull
  • Built-in buoyancy
  • Large water-tight forward locker with brass hinged GRP lid
  • Galvanised fixed sheet horse
  • Hardwood rubbing strakes and gunwale
  • Hardwood centre thwart and centreboard seat
  • Spruce spars (mast/boom/gaff)
  • Terylene mainsail and jib (gunter rig) with slab reefing
  • All running and standing rigging in best quality stainless steel wire and pre-stretched polyester rope
  • 2 sturdy mooring cleats on foredeck with fairleads
  • Most fittings in bronze or gunmetal to traditional design
  • Hardwood rudder with lifting blade
  • Ash tiller
  • Hardwood sole boards
  • Comprehensive Owners Manual with detailed sketches covering rigging, sailing and maintenance

Optional extras

The Norfolk Urchin can also be ordered with the following extras:

  • Transport
    • Road trailer
    • Spare wheel bearings for road trailer (axle set)
  • Alternative propulsion
    • Outboard engine (Yamaha 2 hp)
    • Padlock for outboard motor locker stowage box
    • 1 pair oars complete with bronze rowlocks and bronze rowlock holders
  • Interior
    • Deks Olje for all timber (8 coats) or 4 coats of sikkens
    • Brass bilge drain bung
  • Exterior
    • Brass keel band protection for keel and bilge runners
    • Hull keyed up and 2 coats of anti-fouling
    • Signwriting on transom (name and port)
  • Covers
    • Mainsail cover
    • Overall boat cover for use when mast is stepped (over boom)
    • Overall boat cover for use when mast is down
  • Storage
    • Cave locker in tank front (one)
    • Cave lockers in tank fronts (two)
    • Cave lockers in tank fronts (three)
    • Locker under aft deck with water-tight hatch
    • Brass padlock for forward stowage locker
  • Sailing
    • Tiller extension (plastic)
    • Topping lift/lazy jacks
    • Hardwood boom gallows and hard wood chocks
    • Copper protection for mast in line with gaff jaws (per band–please specify how many–1 for full sail,1 for reefed sail)
    • Jamming block for mainsheet in lieu of standard block
    • Burgee in holder on end of gaff (removable)
    • Bronze snap shackles on jib tack and halyard for easy handling
  • Mooring
    • Galvanised anchor in teak chocks with 20m anchor warp
  • Miscellaneous
    • Telescopic boat hook and whisker pole
    • Flares pack
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